We are a small hobby kennel dedicated to producing healthy, happy, and beautiful Ohio Golden Retrievers. Our mission is to produce what we consider a genuine Golden Retriever: the ultimate family dog with great bone structure, a blocky head, and a beautiful coat, who will live for many, many years as part of your family. We have light golden colors, including cream, occassionally having a few golden colored puppies as well. We offer AKC Golden Retriever puppies at reasonable prices that the average American family can afford.

As of 2016, we have added a pair of Doberman Pinschers to our breeding program. We will occassionally offer Doberman Pinscher puppies, using our same breeding standards, and puppy raising techniques that we use for our Goldens. Our Dobermans have excellent temperaments, make great family pets, and make awesome personal protection and watch dogs!

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Genuine Goldens

"Authentic Goldens and Dobies of a great vitality, temperament, and appearance"
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October 12, 2008
"We have had Roscoe, Mr Rainbow, for three weeks now and he has already brought so much joy to us. He is so sweet and gentle. I had searched the web for a breeder within driving distance but just couldn't find one with available puppies that I felt good about. I knew when I finally came across Genuine Goldens that this was the place. I was right. From the very informative and professional website to meeting Lyndsey and family the whole experience was awesome. She definetly knows what she is doing. Thank you, Lyndsey!"
The Simpson Family
S.Charleston, WV

and a Pinsch of Dobermans!



Rylee X Mason pup
Rylee X Mason pup
Rylee X Mason pup
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