Genuine Goldens is a small hobby kennel owned by Skip and Lyndsey Keller. We are located in southern Ohio, in the small town of Minford. For reference, we are about two hours from both Columbus and Cincinnati. A 30-minute drive will take you to
Ashland, Kentucky and about an hour drive will bring you to Huntington, West Virginia.

We live on a 100+ acre farm where we also raise a variety of animals. While we primarily raise sheep, we also have goats, cattle, chickens, rabbits, and several barn cats. When we aren't busy with the dogs, we are busy with the farm. There's never a dull moment around here!

Since 1987, we've always had at least one Golden. Along the way, we've rescued strays, attended training camps and sessions, and even successfully trained a Golden Guide Dog puppy for
Pilot Dogs, Inc of Columbus, OH. To read more about how I fell in love with the Golden Retriever breed, read the story of Lady. Breeding Goldens was always on the tip of my tongue, and in 2008 we had our first litter. Breeding dogs was everything I thought it would be, and everything I didn't think it would be! It is a lot more work than what it looks to be, with unknowns around every corner. It is a definate labor of love, that should not be taken lightly!

In 2007, we adopted a Doberman Pinscher. My husband grew up with this breed, and I quickly realized why his family had them. We couldn't help it, and ended up with a few more of these guys several years later. In 2016, we decided to test the waters and breed our first litter of Dobermans.

The rest of this page will tell you a little more about how we do things around here. You can learn about how we feed our dogs, where our dogs live, and how we train, socialize, and groom our dogs. We'll also spread the word about our favorite products!

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About Us
Our Feeding Plan
We feed our dogs and puppies from the 4Health and Pro Plan line of dog and puppy foods. Our puppies are sent to their new homes with a sample of puppy food. We recommend that you feed the highest quality dog food that fits into your budget. While the basis of our dogs' diet is kibble, we also supplement with vitamins, raw meat, raw bones, and raw eggs. We may not be total raw or homemade dog food feeders, but we strongly support those who have done the research and do so! The dogs are fed twice a day, while puppies are fed three times a day until they are six months old or until they lose interest in their afternoon meal (usually around 3 months of age). In order to establish ourselves as pack leaders, each dog must sit on command before they receive their meal. Once each dog starts eating, their bowls will be removed after 10 minutes OR once they walk away from their food. In the picture below, you will notice that one of our dogs eats out of a blue bowl. Gunner literally inhales his food, which is quite dangerous because it can lead to choking, bloat, and even death. We purchased a Brake-Fast food bowl to help slow down Gunner's fast eating. While it doesn't slow him down completely, it definitely helps. We highly recommend this bowl if you have a dog with a similar problem.

Our Kennels
Most of our dogs live outside most of the time. Very young puppies and older Goldens live in the house away from the cold weather and for extra care and training at these critical times of their lives. Everyone loves coming in the house for individual attention any chance they get. Our house is just not big enough to house our family and all of our dogs! While outside, our dogs are kenneled. Each dog has at least 50 square feet of space. We often house our dogs together using the buddy system. Our male dogs and those in training or being boarded have individual kennels. We have lived at three different properties since we started breeding dogs, and our kennels have came with us and changed along the way. The kennels are now located in one of our three barns. When we are outside, which is three or more times a day (practically all day in spring/summer), all of the dogs are let out together into the 1-acre "dog yard" where they play together and interact with us as well. They are free to dig holes, chase each other, roll in the grass, and just play! Our dogs LOVE running off-leash on our many acres of fields and wooded land. We are strong believers in the pack instinct within dogs, so we rarely keep one dog isolated from the others. We have BIG PLANS FOR THE FUTURE, including a doggie swimming pool, and a new kennel facilitiy that is climate controlled with indoor/outdoor runs. Until then, we are content with raising puppies indoors, kenneling in the barn during appropreate weather, and taking advantage of our "golden acreage"!

Socialization plays a major role in how well a Golden reacts to many situations. We like to take our dogs individually to different locations they are unfamiliar with at home. Not all of them enjoy the car ride, but they all love "getting out of the house". They enjoy all of the individual attention they receive from us and complete strangers. Whenever we take our dogs out into the world, whether it's a walk to a playground or a trip to see the vet, we always receive complements not only on how beautiful our dogs are, but on how well-behaved they are as well.

Grooming is essential to keeping our dogs gorgeous and keeping their skin and hair healthy. Once a week, our dogs are groomed. This includes a 30-minute brushing session, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and hair trimming when necessary. In the spring and summer, each grooming session is followed by a monthly bath. Any dogs staying inside during the winter receive a weekly bath. They are then brushed a second time after they have dried from the bath. I use a homemade dog shampoo that will kill that doggy smell and last all week!

Our dogs all wear double nylon collars with identification tags at all times. You will rarely find our dogs without identification, unless they have just been bathed/groomed. For years we have used traditional tags that hang from the hook on the collar. Tags were always coming up missing or getting caught on fencing or other objects. When we were able to actually keep a tag attached to a collar (Mason went through five ID tags before he was one year old) they were often not engraved deeply enough and the information literally started to wear off the tag. In 2006, we discovered the best dog tags ever, Collar Tags!!!! These tags attach directly to the dog collar, by feeding the collar through two slots on the tag. These tags come in various sizes and for different collar types. These tags cannot get lost, unless of course your dog loses its collar altogether. Since ordering our first Collar Tag, we replaced all of our current hanging tags with new Collar Tags! We will never buy another traditional dog tag again and we HIGHLY recommend them. They are well worth the money!

Health Care
Health care is something I am very picky about when it comes to my dogs. There are two phrases that come to mind when it comes to this area: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" and "Less is more". In other words, it is definitely worth preventing health concerns, but the right way. Over the years, I've come to realize that many people (including veterinarians) "overdo it" when it comes to vaccines and drugs. I'm a big believer in natural remedies and things like delayed vaccinations.

Puppies are dewormed every two weeks until 12 weeks of age. We deworm our adult dogs every two months. Each dog is kept on a monthly heartworm preventative year-round. We use flea and tick treatment as needed. K9Advantix II is our favorite for stopping fleas and ticks! We believe in a limited vaccination program. We vaccinate our puppies against Parvo and Distemper at six, nine, and twelve weeks of age, and at three and six years of age. They receive a vaccine against Rabies at six months and every three years thereafter. Our dogs are never vaccinated when they are in heat, pregnant, nursing, or sick or injured as this can only further damage the immune system. We believe vaccinosis is real, even though many people are either unaware or uneducated on the subject.

Taking care of all of our dogs is hard work, but it is a labor of love!
Mason, Raven, Daytona, Daffie, Rylee, Miley, Gunner, and Lacey enjoying dinnertime, back in 2009.
Rylee X Mason pup
Rylee X Mason pup
Rylee X Mason pup
Rylee X Mason pup
Genuine Goldens

"Authentic Goldens and Dobies of a great vitality, temperament, and appearance"
and a Pinsch of Dobermans!
Rylee X Mason pup
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