Ohio Golden Retriever Breeders

Beloved Goldens
Plain City, OH 43064

Pheasant Ridge Golden Retrievers
Orient, OH 43146

Carole Lazor
Columbus, OH 43235

Schmucker Farm Goldens
Jonas Schmucker
Edon, OH 43518

Buckeye Kennels
Scott Aeschliman
Wauseon, OH 43567

Penny's Goldens
Penny Dreps
Toledo, OH 43612

Mervar Kennel
Judy Mervar
Berlin Center, OH 44401

Amber Rose Goldens
Sharon Epps
Coitsville, OH 44505

Echo Valley Kennels
Galion, OH 44833

Glamour Golden Retrievers
Melissa Harless
Hillsboro, OH 45133

L&R Kennels
Hamden, OH 45634

KB Kennels
Norman Knepp
Ray, OH 45672

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July 2, 2017
Golden Retriever Breeders
Rylee X Mason pup
Rylee X Mason pup
Rylee X Mason pup
Rylee X Mason pup
"We lost our Golden of 17 years in Nov07. I thought I would never be able to get another Golden again, till we met Ginger (aka Miss Mint). I will tell you Lyndsey and her Family socialized the Puppies so they were more then ready for placement. I am very impressed and would and will recommend Genuine Golden to anyone looking for a great Golden Retriever. We also have the added joy of Ginger's Sister living close by, our Daughter and Son-in-law purchased Cassi (aka Miss Yellow). We have had much fun watching them play. I am looking forward to entering the Obedience Ring again and we may even try Agility."
The Largent Family
Oregonia, Ohio

There is huge demand for quality Golden Retriever puppies. I receive so many inquiries about puppies, that it is just not physically possible for me to provide a puppy for every potential puppy owner.

We only occassionally breed our dogs, only when our lives are not packed full of obligations. Breeding, whelping, and raising a litter of puppies is a lot of work and is a huge time commitment. We could raise them "simpler", but I prefer to be as hands-on as possible with each litter. If I can't do that, then we don't have puppies.

Since I receive so many requests for other places to find Golden Retriever puppies that I decided to help those people out by listing some contact information for other breeders.

The following list of breeders is just that, a list. Genuine Goldens is not affiliated with or endorsing any of these breeders. We will take no responsibility as to the quality of puppies and environment in which these puppies are raised. We are only providing basic details as to how to get in touch with other breeders. It is up to YOU to do your research and use your best judgment as to which breeder/puppy is the best match for your family. Please do not contact me with questions or concerns regarding any of these breeders. Contact each breeder for more information on their puppies!

Breeder information will be listed by state and then zip code, to help you find a breeder within a certain area.

Ohio Golden Retriever Breeders

Genuine Goldens

"Authentic Goldens and Dobies of a great vitality, temperament, and appearance"
and a Pinsch of Dobermans!
Rylee X Mason pup
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