October 8, 2015
"Hope your summer went welll. Teddy is a bundle of energy and is growing into a handsome young dog.  He is clever, quick to learn, a charmer, and a good buddy.  He is a little over enthusiastic greeting people, but we are working on his social graces.  Of course he is not spoiled. Ted did not like his neutering surgery but recovered quickly. How is his litter mate, the female you kept?  If she is half as gorgeous as Ted, she must be a beauty. We are so glad to have Ted, thanks again for raising pups and letting us have one."
The Baker Family
Strongsville, OH

August 12, 2015
"I wanted to share with you how Sadie is doing, she is a Gunner & Missy puppy. She is doing great and loves the kids. She is enjoying her new home and is very spoiled. She spends most of her days in a air conditioned garage in the summer and heated in the winter. She is loving her companion Marley my 7 year old golden retriever. They get along great and get upset when they are separated. We are truly enjoying Sadie and the girls absolutely love her. She is very gentle and watches the girls very carefully, you couldn't have asked for a better dog. She is showing off her summer cut and showing how she is enjoying her summer."
The Crownover Family
Chillicothe, OH

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October 31, 2008
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April 12, 2015
"We wanted to send you a few pictures of Henry on his second birthday. Henry was is a Gunner x Missy puppy born on April 12, 2013.  When you released that litter, we were the first to select, and we chose "Mr. Red", now "Henry".  Henry still wears a red collar in honor of his original name. Henry is a big boy (95 pounds).  He is full of fun.  He has an extremely high level of energy and is very playful.  He is intelligent, loving, and so willing to please.  He loves walks, stuffed toys, and playing ball with tennis balls.  He is a perfect boy when it come to getting along with other dogs and people.  He is extremely strong and athletic, but not as agile as our last Golden. He's everything we wanted and more!  Henry is full of happiness and unending love. Henry was house broken very quickly and learned the rules of the house in a very short amount of time.  He knows our routine, and his environment, very well and plans his days and weeks accordingly. Above all things ... Henry is a great friend. Don't know if you like getting updates like this, but this information may be helpful in describing what Genuine Golden's puppies might be like at the age of two"
The Woebkenberg Family
Cincinnati, OH

July 16, 2014
"Hope you and your family are doing great!! We are having a great time with Lola, she certainly keeps us going.  She loves her bones and her rope, but more then anything she loves to for a long walk.  There is one place on our walking path that she loves the most and will attempt to bring home the largest stick she can find (even if it's a small tree). Also I have attached some pics of Lola for you. Thanks for everything , we love her so much!!"
Birindelli Family
Ft Mitchell, KY

June 17, 2014
"Hi Lyndsey,
I have been meaning to write you for months and have finally gotten around to it now!  I just wanted to give you an update on Miss Burgandy (Bailey) from Missy and Gunner's litter in Fall of 2013. We could not be happier with Bailey and the fun she brings to our days!  She is now 8 months old and is a loving and energetic puppy who adores both people and other dogs.  Her favorite game (other than sleeping and running) is to slowly walk towards you with a toy in mouth and then pounce as she gets closer.  At the park we get many compliments about her! Thank you for such a wonderful part of our family.  Here are some pictures of her growing up as well! Thank you!"
The Farley Family
Lexington, KY

June 2, 2013
"Mr. Red is now Henry and he's bringing so much love and happiness to our family. Our vet met him yesterday and immediately called him a 'keeper'. He's met several other dogs and about dozen people and he's great! Thanks for your hard work in making Henry such a great new member of the Woebkenberg family!"
The Woebkenberg Family
Cincinnati, OH

March 13, 2013
"I wanted to share my love for Lola, Miss Orange, in hopes of sending my gratitude to you and a recommendation for potential owners. She is the most gentle, patient, and happy dog. She never acts bothered and welcomes kids' playful pets and attention. I can't get through a full walk without at least one compliment on her beauty and I have yet to hear her bark. Thank you for your dedication to your work and I hope others are able to bring one of your pups into their lives. Sending thanks and tail-wagging from Cleveland!
The Leemuis Family
Cleveland, OH

October 30, 2012
"The lucky families who get to take one of these babies home should rest assured they are getting a great dog...I don't know what we would do without Blue. He's such a great dog and important part of our family. We love him to death.
The Cox Family
Columbus, OH

February 16, 2012
"It was great meeting you last week! Just wanted to give you an update about India! She is doing very well. She actually slept the whole night last night! Hallelujah! She lets us know when she needs to go out so housebreaking is going very well. We took her to her first vet appt. Monday and she got a clean bill of health. India weighed in at 13.8 pounds and the vet said she is going to be a big girl! And you said she is one of the smaller pups? India is smart as a whip and loves slippers! We are starting to take her on short walks but is still afraid of the noise from cars and trucks. But we are working on it.  We are really happy with her and want to thank you."
The Dereska Family
Parma, OH

January 18, 2011
"This is a picture of Shadow on January 16th after Cole's Birthday party.  He really enjoyed playing with the balloon.  The kids have enjoyed him tremondously and enjoy taking care of him."
The Chapman Family
Ashland, KY

January 12, 2011
"Cooper, Molly, and the girls made the front page of our local paper today. Thought you might like to see it!"
The Wagner Family
Cambridge, OH

January 9, 2011
"Lyndsey greetings from the Newman family! We are enjoying our new little addition to the family! We named him Bandit! He is doing well with housetraining but he is on a pretty strict schedule with eating and potty times so it's a little easier! He is very happy with us I think. He plays beautifully with my kids, especially my two year old boy. It's like they were meant for each other. He is a true joy to have. Thank you."
The Newman Family
Kitts Hill, OH

January 6, 2011
"I just wanted to give you an update on our little guy. He is doing wonderful and he fits right into our family. He has already taken to waiting at the girls' doors in the morning waiting on them to wake up to play. He is so smart and so easy to train! We already have come, sit, stay, and shake down! Potty training is going great as well, we have attached a bell to the door and he rings it when he need to go out. He has only had two accidents in the past three days and I am pretty sure that it was our fault. His first vet check up was perfect, our vet was very impressed with his disposition and she thinks he is going to be a very big boy."
The Wagner Family
Cambridge, OH

December 27, 2010
"Hi Lyndsey, just wanted to drop you a note and let you know Butters (Miss Yellow) is doing great! She's already a much-loved part of our family, thank you for doing such a great job with her!"
The Hansford Family
Goshem, OH

December 25, 2010
"I just wanted to let you know that Cooper made our Christmas, I have never seen my girls so excited! He did incredibly well on the long drive home, he slept most of the way on my lap and he never had to go into his travel kennel. He has acted completely at ease from the minute he walked into the house. He actually kind of acts like he owns the place! He is getting along very well with Molly and Mr. Wiskers and wants nothing more than to be on the girls laps. We are all already in love with him. Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of him until we brought him home, you can really tell he has been very well socialized! Thanks again!!"
The Wagner Family
Cambridge, OH

November 8, 2010
"Lily is wonderful.  She is beautiful and full of personality.  She has been a big chewer, but she is also very sweet and loving.  She loves playing in the water and the snow.  Most dogs whine or bark when they are trying to tell you something.  Lily snorts.  It's pretty funny and very endearing.  She likes giving her paw and she also gives lots of hugs.  She will literally throw her front paws around you and squeeze.  I've never known a dog to give hugs.  She has been very healthy, weighing in at about 80 pounds.  Her paws are enormous.  She loves our other golden, Sam, and you can usually find the two of them sleeping on the couch together.  We have two apple trees in the back yard and Lily loves eating the apples.  All of the apples are just about gone now and she walks around the yard, looking for apples.  She is very fast when she runs and looks regal when she sits.  If she had a mane, she would look like a lion. I am hoping to get my computer issues resolved this week and then I will send you pictures of our beautiful Lily with her silly personality!!  I can't believe she is a year old already.  Where has the time gone?  We took her to Petsmart for her birthday and she picked out a rawhide chew bone that must be 3 feet long. She walked out of Petsmart looking very proud, with this giant bone hanging out of her mouth.  She is still working on it!! Lily has really become one of the family.  Every afternoon, at about 2:45 p.m., she goes to the window and watches for the kids to come home from school.  We have really enjoyed having her.  Every day, she gives us something to laugh about.  It was a little sad to switch her from puppy food to adult dog food, but just like my kids, she is growing up!! Thanks again!"
The Tepe Family
Cincinnati, OH

November 6, 2010
"Our little Christmas puppy (Mr. Brown) has had quite a busy year!  To start, he is not so little any more at a whopping 87 pounds!!!  The vet laughed at us at every check-up when we told him we thought he'd be somewhere between 65-80 pounds.  His paws have been very big since the start! Mr. Brown rang our doorbell on Christmas morning complete with a Santa hat and coat.  Our kids decided to name him after one of Santa's reindeer, which we just loved.  It was a toss up between Rudy and Dasher, but Dasher won out.  Despite graduating from puppy school, Dasher is still a very mischievous puppy.  Although now that he's a year old, I'm not sure how much longer I can use the "puppy" excuse with my husband when he continues to eat our carpet, furniture, shoes, toys, leashes (we've bought at least 10 already) and any scrap of food left on the table or counter. Dasher is great with our 4 kids and loves to play with them in the yard.  We took him to the lake a few times this summer and he would not get out of the water - he LOVES to swim!  He potty trained very well and he sleeps well in his cage at night.  He still gets very wound up at times, but overall, it's been a great year.  Thank you for sending us such a wonderful family friend. Please tell Sadie and Gunner that Dasher is in good hands with his 4 new playmates in Springboro, Ohio.  I am sending a few pictures from the past year - including one with a party hat from today.  I get a lot of compliments on his light coloring, which I think he gets from his dad.  We can't wait to see pictures of the next Sadie & Gunner litter.  Good luck!"
The Mahoney Family
Springboro, OH

November 6, 2010
"We love Manny (Short for Manteca , the CA city where I started in law enforcement). Here are some pics from this past year for you. Manny was "Mr. Red" at your place. He is definately a delight. I take him every morning with me to get the newspaper and he has "girlfriends" at all the convenience store drive throughs. He'll poke us in the morning to see if we're asleep so he can jump up on the bed and nap until we get up. He loves the neighbor children. His best friend is our male cat Noey. He's getting good at Frisbie too. In the warm weather, we'll take him for a treat in the vintage Jeep (pictured).  We are really grateful for him!"
The Goodwin Family
Waverly, OH

November 5, 2010
"Blue (Mr. Blue) turns a year old this Saturday, I'll send you over some updated pics. He's doing great. We took him to Hilton Head, SC last summer and I've never seen so many kids pay so much attention to a dog before! He loved it, we call him the gentle giant (he's at 95 pounds and all muscle). Thanks again.
The Cox Family
Columbus, OH

August 18, 2010
"Chad and I were puppy sitting Ginger for my parents and we took an amazing photo of the girls.  We can’t believe it has been two years since we added the girls to our family.  Cassi and Ginger are great dogs.  Ginger is loving life at my parents house as a single dog (my parents lost Penny [Chocolate lab] to cancer last Aug).  Chad has been taking Cassi to obedience classes and is now enrolling her in Agility classes.  Cassi just loves the tunnel, it is her favorite Agility activity. Thanks for taking such good care of them the first months of their lives. Miss Mint and Miss Yellow have grown up to be fantastic dogs and truly our best friends."
The Clark Family
Miamisburg, OH

July 11, 2010
"I thought you might want to see Miley at 2.  She is a great companion."
The Milam Family
Indianapolis, IN

July 5, 2010
"It’s been awhile but I wanted to let you know that the puppy, (Mr. Black AKA Woody), we received in December is doing great and he has been a perfect fit for our family.  His favorite things are playing with our 13 year old beagle(not so much playing but rather Woody knocking her over), running with the kids, stealing my daughters stuff animals and sneaking them outside to chew on and chewing up anyone and everyone’s flip flops. Thanks again for the best gift the kids ever received."
The Hall Family
Canal Winchester, OH

June 13, 2010
"Here's some pictures of Mason.  He is the PERFECT dog!  He's such a good listener and so calm.  I couldn't have asked for a better dog!"
E. Shreve
Painesville, OH

May 24, 2010
"I wanted to share some new pics of Mr. Green (Wrigley) from Christmas.  The little runt of the litter is now 62 lbs / 22-23” tall at 6 months and the best dog we could have asked for.  I just logged the specs on your website and saw their picture from Christmas – too cute!  Everybody that meets him absolutely adores him; mainly because he’s a lover boy who lies on his back to get his belly rubbed anytime you get close.  He loves kids and other dogs.  You did a great job socializing him upfront and Tyler has treated him like a little brother since day one (through hugs and wrestling). I have and will continue to refer anybody to you who is looking for a golden."
The Pozun Family
Lexington, KY

January 10, 2010
"Macy (aka Ms. Pink) has been a wonderful addition to our home and family.  She is doing really well with the potty training--only two "accidents" in the last week and quite honestly they were our fault.  Likewise, she obeys the "come" command and "sits" to both verbal and hand motion.  We are currently working on "stay."  We are so glad you had them living in the crate because she has had only one accident in the crate since getting her.  She sleeps well in the crate both in our daytime absence and at night.  She is very loving to us and all of our family and makes very little noise.  Our vet gave her a great checkup and she goes back tomorrow for more shots.  She is growing...so is her appetite.  Thank you for allowing us to make her a part of our family."  
The Lieving Family
New Haven, WV

January 9, 2010
"Just wanted to let you know that "Miss Burgandy" is doing great!! and her new name is "Bella"...We have her ringing a bell hanging on the door to go out to the bathroom...which is really working!! She really is a joy and really really adorable. Oh, also we put her cage in our dedroom after the first night and every single night she sleeps all night without any porblem at all! It's really unbelievable how well she has been. Thanks for everything.
The Belsole Family
Medina, OH

January 8, 2010
"I was just thinking about sending you some pics today.  Wrigley is such a sweet dog and we love him!  He was 6.7 lbs at his first vet visit and 9.2 a week and a half later so he’s growing nicely.  Watching him learn to go up steps was adorable but watching him try to go down is hysterical.  He has not nearly mastered that one yet but is working on it. Tyler adores him...Thanks so much for taking good care of him in the beginning and socializing him.  He was perfectly ready to join our family."
The Pozun Family
Lexington, KY

January 5, 2010
"Hey Lyndsey, just though I would shoot you a quick note and some pics. Blue (Mr. Blue) is doing great. He’s  a constant source of entertainment and we love him so much. I was hesitant about getting another Golden after ours passed away, but it was without a doubt a great decision. We’ve had so much fun with him since we brought him home. Thanks for doing the great job with him that you did. More pictures to come!"
The Cox Family
Columbus, OH

January 8, 2010
"Woody is doing great.  He has taking a real liking to our 12 year old Beagle.  He plays with her and likes to sleep with her also.  He also loves the kids and he gives us plenty of entertainment playing in the snow.  We are still working on the house training but he seems to be getting better.  He has his good and bad days.  I'll try to get you some pictures soon.  Thank you so much."
The Hall Family
Canal Winchester, OH

December 25, 2009
"Thank you soooo much for making our Christmas a "MERRY CHRISTMAS" with Manny!  He is doing very well and has brought so much joy to our home!!! We look forward to sending you pictures and updates on how Manny is doing. Again, thank you!!" 
The Goodwin Family
Waverly, OH

November 12, 2009
Love the new babies' pictures!!!  Reminds me of when I was trying to decide and then made my decision on my little girl Cassie (aka Miss Brown, from Rylee and Mason)  Can't imagine our lives without our wonderful girl. I've said it before, but you do a great job of keeping potential families updated on their little ones.  Looked forward each day/week to see her progress.
J. Chaney
Columbus, OH

January 14, 2009
"She is doing great and growing like a weed. She absolutely loves going outside, and playing in the snow. She is so gentle with our little neices and nephew,and just a joy to have. Thanks again for our little Heidi."
The Morrison Family
Vermilion, Ohio

December 22, 2008
"Cooper is doing very well. He has not used a cage since he was 3 1/2 months old and overall is a very well-behaved dog. My family is so happy with him and love him so much. We've been spending time this winter learning new tricks, and hoping for more snow to play in!"
T. Meinhardt
Cincinnati, OH

November 10, 2008
"Lucky is doing great here and [has] even learned a few tricks. He's potty trained and, thanks to your advice, is walking without much distractions and doesn't stop a lot anymore. Thank you so much!"
The Chen Family
Westfield, NJ

October 26, 2008
"Chloe is doing wonderfully! Getting so big! Thank you again for bringing a terrific girl into the world!"
A. Jackson
Dublin, OH

October 16, 2008
"Just an update on "Duke", what a wonderful pup. We are so pleased with him, you do a wonderful job! Your facilities are spacious and clean, but most of all I can tell you truly care about your dogs and pups. Good luck in the future, we couldn't be happier with our "Duke"..."
B. Teague
Huntington, WV

September 19, 2008
"We have had Roscoe, Mr Rainbow, for three weeks now and he has already brought so much joy to us. He is so sweet and gentle. I had searched the web for a breeder within driving distance but just couldn't find one with available puppies that i felt good about. I knew when I finally came across Genuine Goldens that this was the place. I was right. From the very informative and professional website to meeting Lyndsey and family the whole experience was awesome. She definetly knows what she is doing. Thank you Lyndsey!"
The Simpson Family
S.Charleston, WV

September 9, 2008
"Thanks Lyndsey! You have done an amazing job. Very professional. We will recommend you to anyone we know thats looking for a new pup. Jake is wonderful! We couldn't ask for a more loving beautiful pup."
The Roby Family
Lakeview, Ohio

September 9, 2008
"Lexi, is an amazing puppy, everywhere we have taken her we have gotten so many compliments on how well behaved and her cute little personality. We are so happy to have added her to our family, and can't wait to possibly add another one in a couple of years! Thanks so much for the amazing job you did raising these puppies!!" 
The Flinner Family
Wooster, OH

September 9, 2008
"Hi Lyndsey, "Rocco" and I are doing great! He's so laid back and a real sweetheart. We're working on potty training, wish us luck :) I'll set pictures in couple months. Thank-you."
G. Thompson
Bellefontaine, Ohio

September 9, 2008
"Champ (Mr. Blue) is an amazing puppy! We adore him, and are having so much fun watching him become a part of our family. Thank you, Lyndsey, for making this such a great experience! We will continue to update you on his growth! We are truly grateful for all you have done. We will highly recommend you to others!"
The Schroer Family
New Albany, OH

September 8, 2008
"Thanks for a wonderful pup. "Duke" is a joy to be around, you do a wonderful job...."
B. Teague
Huntington, WV

September 8, 2008
"Our new puppy Lily (Miss Pastel) is doing great!! She has the best, laid-back personality and gets along well with everyone (human and animal) in our family. Thank you Lyndsey, for your wonderfully organized website and purchase process and thank you especially for our great new puppy!"
The Skaff Family
Charleston, WV

Semptember 8, 2008
"We lost our Golden of 17 years in Nov07. I thought I would never be able to get another Golden again, till we met Ginger (aka Miss Mint). I will tell you Lyndsey and her Family socialized the Puppies so they were more then ready for placement. I am very impressed and would and will recommend Genuine Goldens to anyone looking for a great Golden Retriever. We also have the added joy of Ginger's sister living close by, our Daughter and Son-in-law purchased Cassi (aka Miss Yellow). We have had much fun watching them play. I am looking forward to entering the Obedience Ring again and we may even try Agility."
The Largent Family
Oregonia, Ohio

September 5, 2008
"Addie is great! She's pretty much the center of attention everywhere we go and she doesn't mind it one bit. I can't even tell you how many people have said how well behaved she is and how comfortable she is around people, dogs, and even cats. Thanks, she's going to be a great Golden!"
S. Lange
Louisville, KY

September 3, 2008
"Cassi is a great addition to our family. Thank you for taking such good care of her for us. Her pictures are already being shown to everyone we know. Chad and I are very proud of her already. Potty training has not been too difficult yet (knock on wood). Only four accidents in five days. My parents and I have already had play dates for Ginger and Cassi. Even though Cassi is so much smaller then Ginger she can hold her own. It is nice that Cassi's sister is so close to us. Thanks for everything and we will be updating you on Cassi's wonderful life. Get a puppy from Lindsey's next litter you won't regret it. :)"
The Clark Family
Miamisburg, Ohio

September 2, 2008
"Thank you so much for our new puppy Cooper!! He is just as great as I hoped he'd be. After putting down our 14yr old Golden this summer, I'm so happy I was able to find another wonderful Golden who will bring the same love and happiness into our lives. Everyone adores him, and he is already very well-trained and behaved!! Excited for the many fun days ahead of us."
The Meinhardt Family
Cincinnati, Ohio

September 1, 2008
"Heidi has been an absolute perfect little puppy. She loves playing outside. We are always receiving comments when we have her out about how great Golden Retrievers are. If we ever know of anyone looking for a pup we will refer them to your site."
The Morrison Family
Vermilion, Ohio

August 27, 2008
"Chloe is absolutely perfect! We're so happy to have such a great dog! Thanks a million! We will def. keep you in mind when looking to purchase a second puppy :-)"
The Jackson Family
Dublin, Ohio

July 24, 2008
"When I met Mrs. Keller, I knew that she was a good person and took her pride in Goldens very seriously. I see no problem buying our first puppy from her and she should definitely try her passion in the show rings!"
The Chen Family
Westfield, NJ
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